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2637 27th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, 55406


The studio is in a mixed use building in Seward. There is a diverse range of artists including healers, martial arts practitioners, writers, painters, sculptors, designers, woodworkers and movement artists.

We respect all the artists in our community and want to help create transformative spaces for our neighbors as well as yourself. Because our neighbors are working artists and also use their studios to make a living, it is not possible generate noise in our studio that will interrupt with the work of other artists. An example of this may be a loud band rehearsal or a tap class. As with most things, these may even be possible if the timing was right and worked well with our community. Please check in with us if you're not sure.

You may also hear sounds from other studios - they are making and creating too! 

There is a fridge and a sink and a community use-and-replace coffee and tea. There is enough space to store some of your work or items to come back to it the next day without carting the stuff all over town. There are possiblities for you to build objects and make movement at the same time. There is also enough space to prep for a photoshoot and set up for the shoot at the same time. We work directly with you and we try and stay nimble. Each project is different and we respect that!

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